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Delivering Our TeleTherapy Services

We often get the question of what remote special education services really look like in delivery and execution. It’s a fair question. So let’s take a look at the process of delivering teletherapy services, through the eyes of our Directors of School Partnerships and Provider Management (DSPPMs). Our DSPPMs are the heart and soul of the TeleTeachers clinical team, and are responsible for ensuring open communication and endless support for both our school partners and our special education providers. The following three things kick into gear once a contract has been signed to enlist in TeleTeachers’ services.




The contract is signed; TeleTeachers is now officially your remote special education services provider and an extension of your special education team! A DSPPM is assigned to your school district to kick off our relationship. Your DSPPM will set up a meeting with administrators and your special ed team to gather information. They will find out details about the caseload proposed, as well as the school culture. School culture is an essential part of the provider placement process. TeleTeachers is passionate about our impeccable reputation of perfectly matching providers to schools. We listen to your educational values in order to continue traditions, missions and goals in exactly the manner you prefer. 


Also at this time, our teletherapy services technology platform, Mira, is discussed. This platform has been designed in collaboration with our providers to deeply understand the user’s needs, in order to save them time. Our Mira Project Manager is on hand to demonstrate the platform and how to use it if a school district chooses. It’s not mandatory to use, but is included in your services contract.


Meet & Greet


It’s time to meet your chosen provider or providers! Hand-selected to fit seamlessly into your team, our providers are among the best in their respective fields. Your DSPPM will set up this meeting to make introductions, and share information. Often this meeting is when schools that have never utilized remote services become more comfortable with the process. Meeting your provider will reassure that you have made the right decision for your students. 


At the Meet & Greet, the subject of facilitators is also discussed. A facilitator can be anyone in the school with the capacity to ensure the student is connected to the session and on task. Chosen by the school, a facilitator may be required to bring the student from one classroom to a specified area where the virtual services are being delivered. Depending on the student, this could be very involved (hand over hand) or the facilitator might be in the general vicinity. One facilitator can be assisting multiple students or can be assisting 1:1. There are some students that are capable of completing sessions without a facilitator, but we recommend that there is one nearby for any difficulties with the student or technology. A laptop or desktop with a webcam work best, however, iPads and Chromebooks can work as well. 




Our DSPPMs always ensure schools and providers both have monthly check-ins to discuss progress or any issues that may arise. However, our DSPPMs will tell you they are available to you anytime to assist. Our unrivaled support has been touted repeatedly by both our school partners and our provider team. And that won’t change!


So you can now envision how the process of delivering our services works within a school. What makes us stand apart from other school teletherapy providers? TeleTeachers’ calling card is our level of support and dedication to our school partners and our providers. TeleTeachers DSPPMs handle all aspects of ensuring services are delivered and your staff are supported. Having the same person manage both the school and provider ensures seamless relationships are maintained. 


Says DSPPM Carla Wyrsch, “We are there to help relieve stress on the school’s staff, and make sure it’s a smooth integration into your team. I really think what makes us different is the unrivaled amount of support we are able to provide.”